Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sushi Sunday

So Wes and I went to lunch at a new sushi joint in Costa Mesa.  It was really cool so I thought I would share my experience.  

The sushi was prepared by chefs in the middle of the restaurant then placed on a conveyer belt that passed by all the tables.   When we saw something we liked we picked it up and started eating.  Simple as that!

The plates were color coded so that we could keep track of what we were eating and how much it would cost us.

Another thing I was concerned with is how they keep track of how long the sushi had been out and circling the room.  We found out that the bottom of the plates have RFID tags that keep track of how many rotations are made.  Once the number gets too high an arm comes out and swoops the plates away.  Thereby keeping our food fresh and healthy!

All in all it was a good time.  This place wasn't too fancy but I was impressed with their efficiency.  Wes said he was so impressed that he wanted to keep out table organized so he stacked our used plates neatly and lined up          
everything we were using.   Kind of silly, I have to admit!

For our 10 plates (they are small) and two drinks we only spent $28.  Not bad at all!!

Check it out at and maybe we'll see you there because we will be going back for sure!